Eric Energy - Making Science Fun!

By Julie Gennaro, Macaroni Kid Assistant Publisher March 30, 2021

Have you ever popped a soapy bubble and watched it turn into fog? Or witnessed a ball defy gravity and dance in the air? While Eric Energy described the unique properties of dry ice and explained wind force, my son and his friends were simply mesmerized by the “awesome science magic!”

With 21 years of experience with live shows, and as a dad himself, Eric is an energetic showman who can teach and engage kids of all ages. With an upbeat attitude and a dash of silliness, he embodies the wacky scientist creating experiments in his lab. While asking questions of his audience and calling on volunteers, the kids were on the edge of their seats to see what he would do next. His table of beakers, potions and equipment was the perfect background for his performance as he paraded around in his lab coat.

Like many small business owners, Eric (real last name Krupkin) has had to pivot during the pandemic and started offering online performances, seamlessly adjusting his show to keep kids engaged both on and off the screen. He plans to keep his virtual shows as an ongoing option for birthday parties, school assemblies, scout meetings and online science classes, making sure everyone has a front-row seat from their computer. His assistants (Eric’s 2 kids) encourage audience participation and help keep the energy high throughout his virtual shows. In order to make learning science as fun as possible, his interactive performances are customizable based on age and material, with topics ranging from electricity, weather, matter, sound, and more.

We were so happy to have Eric come perform on our deck recently to celebrate our son’s 6th birthday with a few friends. It was a lively outdoor show filled with music, unique science experiments, and crowd pleasing antics. He even left them with the perfect party favor to help them feel like little scientists: make-your-own slime kits. It turns out that creating a fun, memorable, and Covid safe birthday party isn’t a magic trick, you just need Eric Energy!